We care about the safety of our associates

At Goodyear, we believe associate engagement and empowerment are critical for us to achieve the ultimate goal of zero injuries and zero incidents. As associates, we know that when we receive the knowledge and support to participate in safety initiatives, we become part of our safety success – we identify risks, remove roadblocks, and generate and implement ideas for improvement. 

We believe all associates are responsible for safety – both their personal safety and the safety of everyone around them. To reflect how critical safety is to our company, we have started to track employee engagement in safety initiatives, as well as environmental and sustainability ones, as a key performance measure. Leaders at every level are responsible for creating a safe environment and reinforcing safe behaviors. By working together, we can achieve our ultimate goal of No One Gets Hurt. 

By implementing and managing stringent workplace safety standards, we create a safe work environment ... but we don't stop there. We are building a culture where safety is a value to each and every associate. By doing so, we continue to drive toward zero – zero injuries and zero incidents.

No one gets hurt

At Goodyear, we will never be satisfied with our safety performance until every Goodyear employee and contractor around the world goes home injury-free every day. Zero is our ultimate goal – zero serious injuries and zero first aids. We celebrate the achievements of our regional tire businesses as they continue to improve their performance and drive toward zero. Using the OSHA Total Incident Rate calculation that examines the number of injuries per 100 employees, three of our regional tire businesses – Goodyear EMEA* achieved an incident rate of less than 1.0 in 2012, an accomplishment that is considered world-class. In Goodyear we approach the issue of safety through a four pillar strategy – Leadership, Compliance, Behaviors,and Ergonomics. And through this strategy Goodyear EMEA has reduced the number of serious accidents from 1.4 per 1000 in 2005 to 0.4 in 2012. Several of our plants have not recorded a serious accident for more than one year including Hanau in 2011, Izmit in 2013, Riesa in 2013 and Luxembourg Mold Plant for (2 years in Sep 2013). We continue to drive ownership and engagement in Safety for all our associates and are committed to creating a culture where Safety is a core value and governs everything we do.

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