One Team

Goodyear, One Company

All around the world, whenever you are driving and being driven.
Whenever you are moving and being moved Goodyear is there.

Goodyear is more than just a company. We are the sum of 65 000 employees worldwide, we are One Team. Get to know us!

Goodyear EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) consists of over 20 000 associates, including more than 50 different nationalities. We service 32 countries with 17 factories and 2 Innovation Centre based in Luxembourg and Hanau. As you can see Goodyear EMEA is diverse, reaching out almost 10 000 km from the south (Kaapstad) to the north (Tallin).

  • Act with honesty, integrity and respect

    Our work environment is based on honesty, respect and integrity, because no team can work efficiently without respecting these core values.

  • Innovation

    Our environment is changing faster and faster. To be successful in this world of change we encourage all associates to engage in innovative behavior so we are always ahead of the competition.

  • Quality

    Goodyear stands for quality, and we are committed to deliver quality in everything we do, throughout the whole company.

  • Open for discussion

    All problems can be discussed openly at Goodyear. This is the only way to prevent and spot problems early on and ensure a good work environment.

  • Encourage wellness and safety

    Our associates are our most valuable asset. Therefore wellness and safety at work, and away from work, for all associates is the main priority for Goodyear.

  • Care for the environment

    We are committed to delivering the best quality for the customer with the least amount of impact for the environment.

  • Team-based culture

    Just like there is no I in team, there is no I in Goodyear. Although Goodyear is a multi-national, global company we support working in teams, where everyone helps each other and competencies complete each other, rather than a culture of competition and distrust.

  • Lifelong learning

    Learning is no longer limited to the school benches or universities. Goodyear gives the opportunity to all associates to engage in continuous development and learning, and tries to provide in all their learning needs.

In this journey, we are driven by certain behaviors:

  • Courageous

    As an associate of Goodyear, you demonstrate confidence, decisiveness and are able to take calculated risks

  • Effective Communicator

    Goodyear EMEA is one big team, to ensure good communication among our team members we try to express information and ideas effectively, by communicating clear and concise.

  • Solving problems to deliver results

    Continuous innovation and improvement is sometimes hindered by problems. A Goodyear associate is able to solve problems effectively and creatively with new ideas and vision to deliver results

  • Build Talent & Teams

    Regardless of your function, you are always part of a team in Goodyear. It is every associate’s task to improve their own talents and to encourage others to engage in development, in order to build a solid, highly effective team.

Enjoy the journey!

* Goodyear EMEA/Goodyear Dunlop Tires Group