I’m a Professional

Goodyear, One Company

All around the world, whenever you are driving and being driven.
Whenever you are moving and being moved Goodyear is there.

Goodyear will be FIRST in the global tire industry by

  • attracting, developing, motivating and retaining the best team of associates
  • earning and building long lasting relationships with customers, consumers and business partners and exceeding their expectations
  • driving an efficient, aligned and effective organisation and
  • creating a sustainable business model that consistently delivers a strong return on investment.

That’s why we need you!

To maintain our success in the tire industry, we provide our employees with structured professional development through hands-on experience and top-notch trainings.

We offer a stimulating and intellectually demanding job. As a Goodyear employee, you will encounter sophisticated processes, use advanced technologies, and implement intelligent strategies.

With clients from every part of the world and colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, you will benefit from the work in a truly international environment. Our teams often consist of members with different functions, providing a variety of perspectives and creating a dynamic work environment. Moreover, there are interesting job opportunities available across the EMEA region and worldwide, so our talented employees are encouraged and supported for cross-geographical and cross-functional moves.

We aim to provide a work environment that is sufficiently flexible to accommodate diverse life-cycle challenges with career and personal growth opportunities, as well as competitive salaries and compensations.

To support your development we provide ongoing training and structured career development. Our approach is to advance employees based on ability, achievement, potential and performance. You will have the chance to manage multinational teams, to lead exciting projects, and to help to shape our company with your bright ideas.

If you are ready for a new challenge, or for a chance to reinvigorate your career, then do not hesitate to apply.

Join us!