Road Safety

At Goodyear it is our mission to contribute to the improvement of road safety. We are committed to delivering the highest safety standards to both our own customers and other road users. And how do we try to achieve this? Well, delivering ever higher levels of tire performance and safety are a key element. We have more than 800 test drivers whose job is to test tires on vehicles in different conditions in order to make this a reality.

We also recognize that road safety is best achieved through partnership between road users, vehicle and tire manufacturers and public authorities and regulators. Together we can ensure safety through a combination of optimal vehicle performance, driver behavior and well maintained infrastructure. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to contribute to both vehicle performance and driver education and we are committed to running and supporting campaigns to educate Europe's drivers on the significant role that tires play in road safety and the importance of proper tire maintenance.

Road safety through technology

Tires, as the single point of contact between the vehicle and the road, represent an important automotive component and can deliver a significant contribution to road safety.

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Road safety through awareness

Drivers are responsible for good tire care, which includes regular checks to ensure optimal tire pressure and compliance with legal minimum tread depths. 

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Road safety through commitment

We have an ongoing commitment to improving road safety.  This extends beyond our products and our technologies to include initiatives throughout the organisation to build partnerships with public and private entities and drive greater road safety standards across Europe. 

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