Innovation lies at the very core of what we do. It has been an integral part of Goodyear’s day-to-day business for over one hundred years. Our commitment to delivering innovative products that help change the world of transport and drive a sustainable future for the automotive industry is what sets us apart from the competition. 

So what makes us different? Well at Goodyear, innovation is not just confined to our research and development labs, but lives and breathes throughout the organisation. It is at the heart of the innovative technologies we develop, the service that we offer, and the processes we follow in designing and developing new products. 

And we have an impressive list of “firsts” to prove it: the first ever off-road tire, the first all-season radial tire, the world’s first Run On Flat tire and even the first tire on the moon. Goodyear launches some 50-60 new products every year and we are truly proud of the many awards for innovation that our products have received over the years.

Innovation through technologies

The future of mobility is a key global challenge and Goodyear is leading the development of a host of innovative technologies that will help to shape the transport of tomorrow.

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Innovation through services

Goodyear also offers a range of affiliated services to ensure the excellence of our products and provide support to our customers and business partners.

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Innovation through processes

At Goodyear, innovation flows throughout the company. In every department our people are encouraged to look to the future and challenge the status quo.

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* Goodyear EMEA/Goodyear Dunlop Tires Group