Tire use and maintenance

Tires have a number of functions: they must support and carry the load at various speeds, provide good traction, adhere to the road without generating high rolling resistance (hence high CO2 emissions) or noise, and provide comfort on various types of roads. Correct tire inflation pressure plays a crucial role in all of these functions. 
Even vehicles with the latest technology and electronics cannot alter the laws of physics, so fitting the appropriate tires is essential. Drivers are responsible for proper tire selection and must consider whether they need winter or summer tires depending on the weather conditions.  They must maintain them correctly too, with regular checks on tire pressure and to ensure compliance with the minimum tread depth requirements.
Improved road safety is a shared responsibility between authorities, the automotive industry, infrastructure builders and drivers. 

Tire Care

It is very important to check your tires regularly: ensure that they have the correct inflation level and tread depth.

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Why winter tires

The correct tire together with weather-appropriate driving behavior significantly increases driving safety.

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