EU Tire Label

Because tires play a crucial role in the safety of road users, making the right choice when buying a tire is essential. At Goodyear EMEA* we are strong supporters of the EU tire label.  It provides important information about the safety and environmental aspects of a tire and enables consumers to make clear comparisons between products and choose the tire that's right for them.

We see the EU tire label as an important starting point when evaluating the performance of a tire. However, when Goodyear engineers design and develop tires they test their performance not only against the 3 criteria tested by the EU tire label but against almost 50 other criteria too. This enables us to develop balanced products that deliver first-rate performance in different circumstances. When looking to choose tires we advise drivers to review how a tire scores in tests conducted by leading car magazines.  Typically these include a wide range of performance tests that will help a buyer to understand the scope of a tire’s performance.  

Does the label tell you everything?

The three criteria on the EU tire label are important and a good starting point. However, the label does not provide information on all aspects related to the overall performance of a tire.

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What can you expect?

Since November 2012 all tire manufacturers are legally required to include the label information in all technical materials they develop.  Tire dealers must make the information available in a clearly visible position at the point of sale.

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* Goodyear EMEA/Goodyear Dunlop Tires Group