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The new KMAX T tire offers superb mileage performance thanks to:

  • Multi radius cavity shape
  • High wearable rubber volume associated to an innovative tread compound which also resists to groove cracking and tread chunking.
  • KMAX Technology

    Технология KMAX

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    Възможности за регенериране


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Въз основа на Goodyear вътрешни изпитания


" Размер


Широчина на гумата, съотношение на страните, конструкция на гумата (R= радиална) и диаметър на джантата.

Товарен индекс(LI2)

Товарен индекс

Показва максималното натоварване, което може да носи една гума.

Скоростен клас (SI2)

Скоростен индекс

Показва максималната скорост за дадена гума.

Натоварване на ос (kg)

Натоварване на ос (kg)

Максимално тегло на ос.

Норм. нал.

Ном. Нал

Номинално налягане (bar).

Преп. Джанта

Преп. Джанта

Препоръчителна ширина на джантата (по ETRTO).





Goodyear KMAX T
  1. 1. Improved casing and tuned footprint

    Improved mileage performance

  2. 2. Innovative tread compound

    Fuel saving potential

  3. 3. High wearable rubber volume

    Excellent Mileage potential

  4. 4. Reduced stone holding

    Resistance to groove cracking

  5. 5. Improved edge blades

    Excellent braking on wet

      Goodyear Dunlop trailer tires produced for the Europe, Middle East and Africa market under the brands Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda, Sava and Kelly carry the “FRT” marking on their sidewalls. “FRT” stands for “Free Rolling Tire” and is a legal marking according to the UNECE Regulation No. 54, which indicates that the tire is specifically designed and intended for the equipment of trailer axles and axles of motor vehicles other than front steering and all drive axles.

      Therefore those trailer tires marked “FRT” should be used exclusively on trailer axles and should not be fitted in any other position Goodyear Dunlop will not warrant and cannot be held accountable for any potential liability claim involving FRT tires fitted outside these recommendations.


  • Regional and long haul application
Технологията KMax Technology

KMAX Technology

Новият KMAX T притежава най-новите технологии KMAX, което води до подобрени резултати в сравнение с предшественика си и отлични общи резултати.

KMAX Product video

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