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The new OMNITRAC D HEAVY DUTY drive axle tyre features long tread life and excellent traction in all severe mixed service applications.

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Largeur de la section du pneu, rapport d'aspect, construction (R= Radial) et diamètre de la jante.

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Indice de charge

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Jante rec.

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Bande de roulement Adhérence sur la neige Adhérence sur la glace

Adhérence sur la neige, Adhérence sur la glace


  1. 1. DuraShield technology

    Top belt prevents objects from penetrating the belt package and protects the casing from corrosion -> Ultimate corrosion protection of the tyre casing, new level of casing durability and retreadability performance

  2. 2. Directional tread design with siped blocks

    Directional tread design ensures traction and self cleaning until the end of the tread life -> Traction in all surface conditions including winter service

  3. 3. Continuous tractive centerline design

    The robust tractive centerline provides traction and concurrently protects the tread against damages in its most vulnerable zone -> Even wear in chipping and chunking conditions, high mileage potential and casing protection

  4. 4. Wide open shoulder grooves and dynamic block design

    The V shaped directional design of the blocks provides edges for traction and ejects stones and mud quickly -> High traction throughout complete tyre life and with all carriageway conditions; chip/chunk resistance under torque and stone damage prevention

  5. 5. High chip and chunk resistance tread compound with increased undertread rubber gauge

    A new tread rubber particularly designed to resist to chipping and chunking in all tyre life phases provides high mileage. Increased undertread rubber provides extra protection. -> High overall mileage and resistance to chipping and chunking. Improved retreadability through better casing protection.


  • Construction / Mixed Service / Off -Road

DuraShield Technology

The new OMNITRAC S and D HEAVY DUTY feature

the innovative DuraShield technology casing.
A non metallic top belt layer prevents moisture from

getting in contact with the steel belts and protects the

casing structure from damages and corrosion. The

new design enhances the durability throughout the

tire life and offers ideal conditions for high quality


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