All-New Family of Goodyear Farm Tyres Launched

OPTITRAC Range has the Right Tyre for Every Job

Goodyear's OPTITRAC radial traction drive tyres are now available in South Africa. This completely new farm tyre range is the result of several years of material and compound research, extensive field and focus tests, and collaboration with machine and equipment manufacturers across Europe. 

It has made OPTITRAC the preferred tyre on new tractors, sprayers, combines and harvesters.  These tyres are stronger, with a deeper tread depth for longer life. The OPTITRAC concept also includes a helical curved lug shape to provide superb traction. 

Peter Laubscher, Goodyear's sales & marketing manager for farm and OTR tyres, says the new range features the latest compound and construction technology for farm tyres. The impact-resistant carcass allows for increased loads and larger carrying capacity. 

"Farmers today strive for maximum yields in all types of work, in all soils and throughout the seasons. This makes the Goodyear OPTITRAC range ideal for a wide variety of applications. 

"We now have a selection to provide the right tyre for every job whether it is for field preparation, spraying and harvesting, as well as dedicated activities such as wine or fruit production or in dairy and cattle farming," says Laubscher. 

"OPTITRAC's asymmetric self-cleaning lug shape and smooth inter-lug prevent soil from sticking to give better traction and a longer tyre life. The premium tread depth also enhances traction in wet conditions. 

Load capacity is not reduced when increasing speed from 40 km/h to 50 km/h, while new materials in the OPTITRAC range provide greater road stability and shorter braking distances.  Tyre inflation pressures may be adjusted according to the tyre specifications to provide optimal field performance, creating an enlarged footprint and an even load distribution. This promotes crop growth through the preservation of soil structure and root channels. 

"The OPTITRAC footprint distributes pressure evenly and soil compaction is minimal even with high loads," he says. 

The Goodyear OPTITRAC family of farm tyres is made up of six different tyre types, making it easy to understand its intended use. The DT800 is a narrow tyre for row crop applications, while the DT806 is the premium standard tyre for all-round work. 

The 70-series wide OPTITRAC DT812 gives extra traction, and the super-wide DT818 is ideal for modern, fast and powerful tractors. Goodyear's tyre engineers designed the DT824 to carry heavy loads at low inflation pressures. For harvesters, combines and heavy farming equipment, the super-volume OPTITRAC DT830 gives high flotation. 

"Through tyre-tuning with OPTITRAC, the versatility of agricultural machinery is greatly enhanced. Engine power can therefore be completely converted to traction in the field and on the road. Reduced slip, lower fuel consumption and less time to do the job means the new Goodyear OPTITRAC range helps to maximise the all-important work yield farmers want," says Laubscher. 

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