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  • Goodyear partners on record-breaking attempt across three continents

    Goodyear partners on record-breaking attempt across three continents

    Goodyear-Wrangler SUV tires to take team Cape-to-Cape in less than 10 days.
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  • Semi truck

    Goodyear tires for world’s biggest semi-truck

    New tire for straddle carriers gives high productivity and stability in all conditions
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  • AA-graded tire

    Goodyear showcases its AA-graded tire at Geneva Motor Show

    EfficientGrip AA Edition concept tire meets the highest safety and environmental standards
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  • LEGO truck

    Goodyear to auction 1:1 scale LEGO truck for charity

    IAA stand model to be sold on eBay for drivers’ health charity
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  • Self-Inflating Technology

    Exhibition Debut of Goodyear Self-Inflating Technology for Commercial Tires at the IAA

    Goodyear technology can aid in fuel savings and CO2 reductions;
    Potential to improve performance and eliminate need for external inflation pressure intervention
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  • Smolensk Truck Race

    Record Breaking Goodyear Tires at the Smolensk Truck Race

    Goodyear Racing Truck Tires break FIA World Speed Records
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