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The tire that keeps on performing, even when worn

  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Better wet braking and handling
  • Responsive handling on dry roads
  • Quiet, comfortable ride
  • Summer
  • Goodyear OptiGrip
  • Goodyear OptiGrip
  • Goodyear OptiGrip

Performance ratings

  • Environment 4 out of 5


    Fuel efficiency and noise level.

  • Wet road 5 out of 5

    Wet road

    Handling and braking performance on wet roads.

  • Dry road 4 out of 5

    Dry road

    Handling and braking performance on dry roads.

Based on Goodyear internal tests

Independent tests and reviews

  • Goodyear OptiGrip - Good - ADAC Motorwelt - 2012
  • Goodyear OptiGrip - Highly recommended - ÖAMTC - 2012
  • Goodyear Optigrip - Good - Stiftung Warentest - 2012
  • Goodyear OptiGrip - Particularly recommended  - ADAC - 2009
  • Goodyear OptiGrip - Highly recommended - ÖAMTC - 2009
  • Goodyear Optigrip - Test winner - Stiftung Warentest - 2009
  • Goodyear OptiGrip - Recommended - AUTO Strassenverkehr - 2009
  • Goodyear OptiGrip - Recommended - Auto Motor und Sport - 2009

Key Benefits

  • High aquaplaning resistance

    High aquaplaning resistance

    Enjoy wet-weather performance throughout the life of your tire. As the tread surface wears, it reveals a second layer of grooves that act as new water evacuation channels. Even after 20,000km, the OptiGrip delivered better aquaplaning resistance than one new tire from a leading competitor tested.*

  • Better wet braking and handling

    Better wet braking and handling

    The OptiGrip’s SmartWear Technology delivers superb braking and handling performance on wet roads. The bottom layer’s hidden grooves and new compound give your tire a second life. When tested after 30,000km, the OptiGrip delivered 20% shorter braking distance and twice as much wet control as competitors’ tires.*

  • Responsive handling on dry roads

    Responsive handling on dry roads

    The OptiGrip offers responsive dry handling thanks to its unique 3D interlocking mechanism and two-layer design. The top layer provides optimal stiffness for dry handling, while also prolonging tire life.

  • Quiet, comfortable ride

    Quiet, comfortable ride

    The tread pattern is designed to keep noise level down, so that journeys are quieter and more comfortable.

* Tested against two leading competitors by TÜV SÜD Automotive in April 2008; tire size: 225/45R17; test car: VW Golf; report #76230122-1

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